1. those who are greedy will always lose
  2. live a good, honourable life.Then when you get older and think back, you 'll get enjoy it a second time
  3. be gentle with earth
  4. pray there's immeasurable power in it
  5. power comes from sincere service
  6. mind your own business
  7. your head helps you to think
  8. be careful who you hep
  9. quick thinking helps to get one out of anger
  10. if you respect others, others will respect you
  11. a good team support one another
  12. strong reason make strong action
  13. laws die books never
  14. the best hearts are the ever the bravest
  15. look before you leap, see before you go
  16. character is what you are in the dark
  17. a light heart lives long
  18. things do not change, we change
  19. colours speak all languages
  20. a house full of books and a garden full of flower
  21. defer no time, delays have dangerous ends
  22. delay of justice is injustice
  23. when in doubt, win the trick
  24. educations begins with life
  25. love is only chatter, friends all that matter
  26. guilt is always jealous
  27. a good heart is worth gold
  28. without heart, there is no home
  29. a drop of ink may make a million of think
  30. kindness gives birth to kindness
  31. kindness noble ever than revenge
  32. never listen to your enemies
  33. don't be proud with other praises
  34. advantage is a better soldier than rashness
  35. spend some time alone
  36. talk slowly but think quickly
  37. read more books and watch less TV
  38. knowledge is power
  39. the knowledge of words is te gate of scholarship
  40. music is the universal language
  41. language is the dress of thought
  42. real beauty is the beauty of soul
  43. thruth is the law of our being
  44. peace itself is war in masquerade
  45. the rest is silence
  46. the unspoken word never does harm
  47. prejudice is the child of ignorance
  48. the basis of good manners is self-reliance
  49. philosophy is the art of living
  50. don't be proud of your own achievements